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Moebius crowns

We first heard about Moebius' artwork from a Belgian friend in Costa Rica only on 2018. Funny, all this time growing up we had no idea who is Moebius... as art fans we are not really sure how we never fully encountered and acknowledged his work. At the time we finally discovered his work thanks to our Belgian bud, it was a good time to discover his art since we were traveling for about two years and developing our Extra Crunchy style. This moment of discovery was accompanied with a knowing that we are encountering the work of a great teacher.

We were very familiar with different types of art and artists from our fav disciplines like street art and illustration, but none of them was quite like Moebius. The name Moebius, already sets a tone of something alien and gives you an idea of the visuals you're about to see. Scrolling through his work we realized it's an infinite source of inspiration! There's so much of it! Each frame is easily mastering 3d illusions, perspective, different characters, light and shadow so originally with such variety with graphic attention to details. You can FEEL his intentions to create a different world with his own set of rules. You can resonate with the characters and their journey.

We love discovering different styles of art. They are our tools of expression. Every new style we discover is added to our library of inspiration. The discovery of his work was similar to a character in a video game finding a magic fountain of crowns 👑 or diamonds 💎 . His work makes such an absolute effort in telling a story that is so the most epic and well designed.

Ever since then, his work has been influencing our art and guiding us on our journey.

←We lately painted this piece as tribute to his work

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