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The Vital Spark

Guide for the visual experience

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The Vital Spark is a mural located in the think Tank Training center in North Vancouver and is our most intricate and detailed mural to date 


The child in the center of the piece is Spark creating an evolving reality from colors and tones into a harmonious symphony.

The piece represents the power of the moment of discovery of something epic.

Spark is creating an outward spiral of radiating colors that takes you on a ride through the spark of creation as the sun shining in vitality in the center of the galaxy as the source of light  and creation.

Emerging from a glowing, intricate platform, Spark is also the rider, poised to navigate the fantastical realms guiding the viewer through different worlds of reflections and perspectives.
Part of this discovery is that our world is also a digital simulation based off glowing vertices and geometry filling an infinite space and forming the platonic solids as the basic building blocks of physical reality. 
This analytic perspective is here to encourage us to click open our creative flow and let it unfold to be transcendental art that moves and reminds the viewer the nature of our reality. 

Hidden throughout the mural are symbols representing the 12 laws of the universe.
These symbols invite you to discover and reflect on these fundamental principles.

Law of Divine Oneness, Law of Vibration, Law of Action, Law of Correspondence, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, Law of Compensation, Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Law of Relativity, Law of Polarity, Law of Gender, Law of Rhythm.

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Art References


an amazing french comics illustrator that inspired us throughout the mural. 


Hayao Miyazaki

director and creator of the mindblowing ghibli animated movies



Painter and large scale muralist with vibrant whimsy creatures that exude optimism and empathy, blending street art and fine detail to create joyous narratives    

Joshua Mays

his work explores inner and outer journey, combining cosmic elements and human figures to depict transformative experiences.

Jake Amazon

zoom in into aesthetic of this existence as a simulation using mind bending topological shapes to challenge our perception of reality.

Stephen Cruz

fusing organic and mechanical shapes into captivating vivid concept of micro world verses the macro world.

Luke Brown

visionary art blends ancient wisdom with modern technology, inviting viewers on a colorful journey through the cosmos.

James Jean

intricate, vibrant, and dreamlike. his work blends elements of fantasy with high end detail, creating visually captivating and imaginative worlds.


a character based muralist with simplicity and graphic qualities. His work uses bold shapes and colors to create visually striking and fresh compositions.

Etam Cru

Polish artist duo Etam Cru creates large-scale murals blending fantasy and reality. Their vibrant colors and intricate details captivate viewers, telling stories through captivating imagery.

Andrew Hem

captures dream-scape scenes, blending reality and fantasy. His use of color and emotion draws viewers into his imaginative worlds, evoking a sense of wonder.

Ana Cattish

her work is a celebration of humor and style, characterized by playful characters and edgy linework radiating with expressive energy.

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