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Inspired by an original character by the master artist Moebius.

A treasure trove of Extra Crunchy’s work, this deluxe silkscreened

  • Satin photo print mounted on MDF board

  • Black beveled edges painted black

  • Each print is individually signed 

  • Milled keyhole hanging slot

  • Size: 12″ × 16″

  • Waterbased long lasting, eco friendly inks

Dimensions: 24.5 cm x 33 cm
Piece Count: 256

This product is produced by StumpCraft, a jigsaw puzzle workshop based out of Calgary, Alberta. They locally craft laser-cut, heirloom quality puzzles made of sustainable materials such as wood and paper.


'Dream Journal' depicts a young lucid dreamer recalling his latest slumber-induced vision. With the help of his powerful and hopeful imagination, the boy evokes the safety of a lush, vibrant jungle as well as the guardian spirits protecting the great treasure within. Headlamp illuminating his journal, he writes down the critical elements of his dream before they vanish into oblivion once more.

Dream Journal

$109 CAD ($85 USD)

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